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Kinetex UHPLC/HPLC Columns

Shockingly Better Performance

Than Your Current LC Column!
Kinetex Core-shell Technology delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency over fully porous media which can be leveraged to increase resolution, improve productivity, reduce solvent consumption, and decrease costs. Whether you are running HPLC or UHPLC methods, the Kinetex Core-shell family can deliver shockingly improved performance over the current column you are using.

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Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending)

Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) (patent pending) products are a FASTER, EASIER, and MORE RELIABLE way to perform liquid-liquid extractions. In 3 easy steps and less than 15 minutes, you can remove unwanted interferences such as salts, proteins, phospholipids and more from a variety of samples without performing extensive method development. Available in several capacities, Novum SLE is an excellent cleanup solution for a wide range of samples including biological, food, personal care products, and more.

As the first synthetic SLE product on the market, Novum provides consistent, reliable results from lot-to-lot which is sometimes difficult to do when using a natural product such as traditional diatomaceous earth SLE.

Achieve CLEAN Samples in Under 15 Minutes

By following a SIMPLE, AUTOMATABLE procedure with Novum™ Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) 96-well plates and tubes.

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Develop an SPE method. Find the right HPLC column and guard system or the perfect vials and syringe filters for your application. Optimize your HPLC methods in minutes with our easy to use interactive tools, developed by scientists for scientists. So take a minute and try our tools for your chromatography methods. They are designed to help you do what you need to do faster so you can do the things that matter most, like walking your dog and spending time with your family.

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