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Our product lines include

Ultrapure Water System

Ultrapure Water System – designed to fulfill your lab-scale water requirement.

Online TOC Analysis

Online- TOC analyzers for pure and ultra-pure water systems according to international norms miniTOC and uniToc – for every application the appropriate analysis method

Amino Acid Analyzer

ARACUS – Innovative Technology Combined with Classical Method


SoxROC Extraction Unit is an Automatic, Flexible and Safe for fat extractions using solvents. It is designed to be flexible. Hence, other solvents and samples can be used for extraction using this system. This automated Soxhlet instrument can extract fat according to official methods. The instrument is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system to reduce extraction time versus manual Soxhlet.


KjelROC Distillation unit, Distillation System with Unique Level of Serviceability and Automation. This model offers full control of the distillation process at a low cost. The best part is, this protein distillation unit or the kjelROC distillation unit can be easily upgraded to a full Protein Analyzer (KjelROC Analyzer).


For your nitrogen or protein analysis, the KjelROC Digestors are available from basic that can be customized to individual needs to fully automated digestion where you can leave the digestion unattended.With a fully automatic digestion system using the KjelROC Digestors Advanced model, you saves even more time with the fully automatic motor rack.

Kjelroc Analyzer

High Precision Kjeldahl Distillation system (all in one system from distillation, titration and result determination of protein) according to Kjeldahl method with Flexible Wireless Communication.This automated protein analyzer uses colorimetric for titration. Results can be transferred via wireless and printed out.

Kjelroc Scrubber

The KjelROC Scrubbers are built to work in an environment with an excess of corrosive fumes and high heat during digestion. We recommend to use scrubbers together with our KjelROC Digeston blocks.

Hydroc Hydrolysis Unit

OPSIS LiquidLINE brings an innovative solution for Acid Hydrolysis, making Total Fat determinations more efficient and safe. The hazardous Hydrolysis process can now safely be performed with up to six samples simultaneously. The unique HydROC filter brings additional cost and time savings.

Trace Elemental Analysis

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Organic Elemental Analysis (OEA)

CHNS/O Analyzers, HT/IRMS Analyzers, N/Protein Analyzers

The Thermo Scientific FLASH Series makes Organic Elemental Analysis (OEA) a simple, precise and cost-effective tool for any laboratory.

Automated Discrete Analyzers

Discrete photometric analyzers provide excellent analytical performance for colorimetric, enzymatic, and electrochemical measurements in either a compact tabletop or stand-alone design.

DA 7200 NIR Analyzer

6-second NIR analysis which offers the highest accuracy and versatility. This NIR system analyzes grains, powders, pastes, pellets, slurries, and liquids on the same instrument.

DA 7250 NIR Analyzer

The DA 7250 is the 3rd generation diode array based NIR instrument from Perten. It builds on the success of its predecessors which are used by close to 2,000 customers worldwide. It is designed specifically for analysis in the food and agri industries. The DA7250 NIR analyzer that uses reflectance in the construction is able to determine moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch and many other parameters with excellent accuracy in just 6 secs with minimal sample preparation.

DA 7300 In-line NIR Analyzer

The DA 7300 In-line NIR Analyzer is an advanced, modern NIR analyzer for use in Grain, Flour, Food and Feed processing.

DA 7440 On-line NIR

The DA 7440 is an advanced, modern and versatile on-line NIR analyzer for over-the-belt type measurements. It performs real-time multi-constituent analysis of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring.

Inframatic 9500

The Inframatic 9500 is the latest Inframatic model, and offers the best accuracy available. The most modern and accurate grain analyzer that uses transmission technique in determination of moisture, protein, oil, ash, and many other parameters in grains and oilseeds like flour, grains, corn, soya bean,etc in less than one minute.

Inframatic 8800

Inframatic 8800 is the next generation portable NIR instrument for protein, moisture and oil determination in grain and oilseed. It has the same concept as IM9500, but the IM8800 is portable. It is equipped with GPS enables point specific sampling to generate protein maps on-the-go to make informed harvesting and binning decisions.

Inframatic 8600

Rugged and reliable low cost NIR instruments for analysis of flour, grains, food and feed.

AM 5200 Grain Moisture Tester

The most accurate wholegrain moisture meter available. 10-second analysis of moisture, specific weight and temperature in all grains and oilseeds.

Falling Number

The international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour.


The world standard test for gluten quantity and quality in wheat. Measures wet gluten content, dry gluten content and the Gluten Index.

Rapid Visco Analyser

The RVA is a rotational viscometer with variable temperature and shear capabilities. Standard methods include starch pasting, degree of cook and weather damage in grain.


The micro-doughLAB is a small scale (4g) dough mixer and analysis system to determine the quality and processing characteristics of flour and dough.

BVM Volume Measurement

The BVM is the only AACCI approved instrument for volume measurements of bread, cakes, pastries and other baked products.

Texture Analyzer - TVT 6700

The TVT 6700 texture analyzer is rapid, objective and more sensitive and reproducible than subjective sensory judgement.The TVT 6700 texture analyzer makes sensory more accurate and defined. The texture analysis using TVT6700 applies controlled conditions of stress or strain to food and other samples to measure a complete texture profile. It accurately measures compressive and tensile force and position over time using standard test modes including single and multiple cycle compression, tensile strength, compress-and-hold, extend-and-hold, fracturability and springback to describe product texture. Data is captured as a graph and stored in a tabular data base for analysis and export to spreadsheet programs.

Laboratory Mills

A range of hammer and disk lab mills for proper and convenient sample preparation for many tests used in the grain and food industry.

SKCS 4100

The unique instrument for hardness classification and determination of uniformity in small grains.