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Every aspect of basic nanoscale sciences, as well as commercial production of nanotechnologies are dependent upon the capacity of instruments and methodologies to measure, sense, fabricate, and manipulate matter at the nanoscale.

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) has the advantage over other characterization techniques in that it is descriptive, producing images of objects that are directly related to a material’s structure, morphology, and composition.

History has shown that the ‘understanding’ of matter has persistently been the preceding step of any advancement in technology and products.

  • The boom and success of the everyday car would not have been possible without the understanding and knowledge of steel manufacturing.
  • The extremely fast growing electronic devices industry would not have been possible without the availability of semiconductor materials.
  • Without the research on catalysts, common chemical processes would remain inefficient and environmentally damaging and in some cases even dangerous.

A widely accepted model to describe the research process goes as follows:

  1. A user demand emerges which requires an improvement of the property and/or performance of a material.
  2. Scientists in academia and/or R&D investigate (new) materials to better understand the relationship between its structure and its properties in more detail.
  3. Based on increased understanding of the structure-property relationship, the materials optimum performance can be defined.
  4. The processing & synthesis procedure is then improved in order to obtain a material with desired structure and the intended properties & relating performances.

The Wildfire range of Sample Holders are optimisted for specific application areas of research. The single tilt options include high tilt up to 70°, EDS optimised and a custom ‘glove box’ design of Sample Holder. The double tilt range of Sample Holders are the most popular covering the largest application space, offering up to 25° +/- tilt and recently upgraded EDS tilt cradle optimisation for minimizing background signal.


The Sample Holder is the critical element connecting the Nano-Chip with the microscope and provides in situ researchers with the ability to measure pico amps and apply high voltages up to 100 volts, all within a heated environment. Made from titanium for its optimal mechanical stability, the double tilt Sample Holders provide in situ researchers with the largest application space.


The in situ TEM Sample Holder provides the platform for connecting the Gas Supply System to the sealed Nano-Reactor inside the vacuum of the TEM. The modular design allows for each vacuum component to be either cleaned or replaced which ensures each new experiment is free from cross-contamination. The highest precision fabrication techniques were used to machine the in situ TEM Sample Holder to perfectly fit the microscopes goniometer.


The Ocean Sample Holder introduces the Nano-Cell and liquid environment to the TEM. After assembling the Sample Holder, it is tested in the vacuum test station and ready for inserting into the microscope. The Ocean was developed in conjunction with leaders in liquid in situ TEM and provides users clean reliable results.